After three years since his last full-length album, CharlestheFirst returns with his third album, SOLUS. The body of work is a release through Label w/ No Name, which also hosts CharlestheFirst’s 2018 album, Ascent.

Across 13 tracks the album manages to remain cohesive while maintaining diversity in sounds and emotion. SOLUS features deep dub, psychedelic, glitchy, atmospheric and sometimes eerie bass, while expanding on the hip-hop influence found in previous CharlestheFirst works.

The low frequencies of deep dub are most prominent in “Foreboding Feeling,” featuring California-based producer Potions, who was also featured on the Ascent album. “Fleeting Memories” features dreamy and glitchy bass with subtle breakbeats and a healthy dose of bass in the latter half of the song.

But the true standouts from SOLUS are its R&B vocal-driven tracks like “Figured U Out” and “For Now.” This seems to be a natural progression for CharlestheFirst, … Read more

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo are back at it with their first Anti Up single since 2019.

From the dynamic superduo that brought us “Pizza,” “Hey Pablo,” “Concentrate” and “Right Now” comes an eclectic hybrid of disco and breakbeat presented as “Sensational.” The production fulfills the release of a highly-anticipated ID and signals a forthcoming Anti Up LP.

Getting into the production, “Sensational” champions the sounds of early dance music with a groove so real you almost reach out and touch it. Lake and Lorenzo achieve an analog feel, quenching our dance thirsty souls with the kind of raw, throwback energy heard in the 80s/90s. The track drives home its title with full-bodied vocal chants that spell it out by name — and “Sensational” is here to stay.

With this release, Anti Up regenerate their movement and we’re beyond excited to hear where the project takes us next.

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Though TIDAL retains its own fair share of dedicated users, it’s often left out of the larger conversation when talking about streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, even Amazon Music, Deezer, or YouTube Music. It possesses the highest quality music available on comparable streaming services, but it was launched a little too late and doesn’t have a large enough library to effectively court new users on the scale of other platforms.

Today, San Francisco-based financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company Square has announced it plans to acquire a majority ownership stake in TIDAL. According to the press release announcing the plans, “Square expects to pay a mix of cash and stock of $297 million for a significant majority ownership stake, and existing artist shareholders will be the remaining stakeholders. TIDAL will operate independently within Square, alongside the Seller and Cash App ecosystems.”

Square, which also runs the … Read more

The phrase “shows no signs of slowing down” is almost an inside joke between music journalists at this point, but every so often, it bears truth. Subsidia, the new label launched by Excision in late 2020, dropped an astounding 120 tracks in its initial launch, and each collection has released at least two more volumes, with the exception of Dawn, which is still on its second. (Though you can be sure to expect the next one soon enough.)

Dusk: Vol. 3 just dropped today with 17 new tracks representing the wonkier bass side of the label, featuring names like Ruvlo, Ray Volpe, Blvk Sheep, MIRR.IMG, Carbin, and smaller names like Tabe B, UHNK, Xinister, ZIZI, and others.

Once again, Subsidia (and, by extension, Excision) demonstrates its devotion to uncovering smaller artists and featuring them on the label along with known names.

Check out Dusk: Vol. 3 below!

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Dirtybird and She Is The Music (SITM) have teamed up for Women In Music, a digital festival designed to uplift femme-identifying dance artists across the globe.

The event is sure to inspire, featuring an array of veteran and emerging talent from a wide spectrum of genres and styles — all of which embrace what it is to be a woman in music in their own way.

Femme dance icons Mija, LOUISAHHH, Gina Turner, DJ Holographic, Uffie, Worthy, Nala, Jenniluv, LP Giobbi, Lauren Flax, Black Girl/White Girl, Taylor Bratches, Camera, Alinka, PZB Live and more are set to perform. See the full lineup below and explore the sounds of these empowering artists.

Want to join in on the fun? Femme-identifying fans are encouraged to contribute directly to the festivities by sending the label a clip about what being a woman in music means to them. Submit here.

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