Any discussion about well-known artists, blacksmith or in any other case, is sure to generate controversy. The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys The day of Hendrix’ arrival, his guitantics wowed members of Britain’s musical cognoscenti and he found himself a girlfriend who had beforehand dated Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones and Keith Moon of the Who. Eric Burdon of the Animals who was current that night recalled later that, “It was haunting how good he was.” Jimi Hendrix’ performances turned erratic over the last two years of his life. He complained that fans came to listen to his early hits and watch him play guitar together with his enamel. While vacationing in Morocco, most likely the only vacation of his life, an previous fortune-teller with a Tarot deck drew the Loss of life card. The card could additionally mean rebirth, but Jimi freaked out. A few weeks … Read more