Tyler Perry is helping raise awareness about human trafficking by starring in a new public service announcement video.

The filmmaker teamed up with the first lady of Georgia, Marty Kemp, to create a PSA for her commission, which fights against human trafficking in the U.S. state. 

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“Sadly it’s happening right here in our backyard in Georgia, in small towns and big cities. Thousands of victims are trapped and they need our help. Unfortunately, many are being trafficked by the very people they trust the most like their friends and family,” says the Atlanta-based star during the video.

The Georgians for Refuge, Action, Compassion, and Education (GRACE) Commission works to combat human trafficking, hold perpetrators accountable and seek justice for its victims. 

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Their new PSA urges Georgians

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The found footage horror shenanigans will continue in spring 2022. Paramount Pictures has just revealed that Paranormal Activity 7 has secured a new release date. The upcoming entry in the long-running and highly-successful horror franchise is now set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. As has been the case with many major releases that were on deck heading into the year, the movie will now be arriving much later than previously expected.

Paramount, like every other studio in town, continues to contend with the situation at hand. As the old adage goes, the show must go on. But how it goes on and when it goes on is very much up in the air. As such, the release date calendar has proved to be an ever-evolving thing that is more of a rough template, instead of a rock-solid list of things for movie lovers to look forward to. With … Read more

“I feel sick … I’m in pain and I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Chadwick Boseman’s “Black Panther” costar Winston Duke paid tribute to the late actor with a touching Instagram post Monday morning.

Duke, who played M’Baku in the MCU film, called Boseman someone he looked up to both “on and off screen,” whose “calm confidence was inspiring and exemplary.”

The actor’s post, showing the two at GQ’s 2018 All-Stars Celebration, comes days following Boseman’s death on Friday, August 28. Boseman died after a private, 4-year battle with colon cancer. He was 43.

“How do I start to honor a man who I saw as a giant in many ways; with whom I thought I had so much more time,” began Duke. “I am absolutely devastated by the loss of my friend and hero, Chadwick Boseman.”

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As a breakout rising talent, Seanyy has already become best known for his diversity. Creating originals across all realms of electronic music and EDM sub-genres, Seanyy’s previous and forthcoming releases through his releases on Swerve Collective Creations are a testament to his artistic range. 

Originally hailing from Northern Baltimore, Maryland, the 26-year-old producer and DJ, Seanyy, also serves as a Finance Officer in the US Army and is currently stationed in Germany

Seanyy’s latest single “Memories” is a further testament to the greatness we’ve heard from his thus far. It’s an uplifting, energetic release featuring bright vocals and euphoric melodies that lift your spirit instantly.

Stream Seanyy’s new single “Memories” below!


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Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh has shared his experience with coronavirus, saying he nearly died from the disease.

The musician contracted the virus earlier this summer and spent 10 days on a ventilator in hospital in Los Angeles in June.

Mothersbaugh said he initially thought his symptoms were from exhaustion, until his temperature registered at 103ºF. “A nurse came over the next morning and said, ‘You should be in ICU,’” he told the LA Times. “I said, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ She replied that she’d been a nurse for three decades: ‘You need an ambulance right now.’”

He said he went from not feeling very good on a Tuesday to being in an ambulance on the way to hospital on Saturday: “It was terrifying.”

Devo CREDIT: Getty Images

The 70-year-old also suffered vivid delusions while suffering from the illness. “There’s a bookstore I love there where I get stationery supplies and … Read more