There are a number of reasons that Bitcoin is all the rage. Five of the top reasons are discussed herein, showing and explaining why Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies of our time.

Anonymous and pseudonymous

The Bitcoin transactions that you make are anonymous or pseudonymous when in your Bitcoin wallet. Therefore, it must follow that as long as you keep your pseudonym well protected, your Bitcoin is also safe and secure. This level of anonymity is a reason why a large number of Bitcoin users claim the Bitcoin has become so popular so quickly.


The safety when using Bitcoin has simply been on the increase and as the global online hacking and data breaches increases, Bitcoin is seen as a means to avoid all such losses of personal information as well as the fraudulent loss of money in online transactions. It is the blockchain linked to … Read more

One of the most influential and important people in your life is your mother, and if you are lucky enough to still have her alive and well, then you should be thankful.

If your mom’s birthday is coming up in the next few months, or else you are simply one of those people who like to plan ahead, then you have come to the right place. Here, for your information and, of course, reading pleasure, are four fabulous ways to treat your mom for her birthday.


  1. Employ the Services of a Landscape Gardener

A fabulously different and practical gift for your mother for her upcoming birthday is to surprise her with a professional landscape gardener to revitalize and organize her garden and backyard space.

If your mom either lives alone, or simply doesn’t have time in her busy and hectic schedule, then hiring a gardener will not only remove … Read more

A Hen night is a typical rite of passage for the bride to be and is usually celebrated with a gathering of female friends and family members and a lot of alcohol and partying. Although traditional hen nights were spent going over the financial contributions a bride would make to her husband, these days the hen party is filled with much more fun. As excited for the celebrations as you might be, there is still the nerve inducing task of finding the perfect gift to bring along. Here are 5 different types of gifts to give the bride to be on her hen night.

Intimate Gifts

If you are a close friend of the bride then it might be a nice idea to buy her something more intimate like a pretty honeymoon underwear set. This is something that the bride will most definitely want and can often be quite pricey … Read more