Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil has been taken to hospital after falling from a concert stage during a solo performance last Friday.

When he fell, the singer was performing the Mötley Crüe track ‘Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)’ with his solo band at Tennessee’s Monsters On The Mountain festival. According to TMZ, there was a small gap between the speaker and the stage that the singer didn’t notice, with a four-foot drop below.

Guitarist Jeff Blando took over vocal duties for the remainder of the set while Neil was taken to hospital.

Bassist Dana Strum later told the crowd that Neil had broken some ribs. “He can’t breathe and he’s gonna get dealt with medically,” he said.

“He was so excited to be here. He lives in Tennessee. But he was willing to stick it out and tough it out when the people back here were telling … Read more

The title of the debut album from AREA21 has been revealed — Greatest Hits Volume 1, due out November 12. The duo of Martin Garrix and Maejor has released 13 tracks to-date, including yesterday’s new single, “Own The Night.” The tracklist for the album will be revealed soon, but based solely on the title, we can safely assume that it will include their latest singles with updated track art (noticeable on Spotify), as well as possibly some of their earliest tracks? We’ll have to wait and see.

As for “Own The Night,” it’s come with a new music video, the latest in a series of music and visual releases detailing the adventures of alien travelers, M & M. The alien duo have found their way to Hollywood and, as portrayed in the video, are struck by the many masks that humans put on to conform to society’s norm. The … Read more

The man charged with the murder of rapper Pop Smoke, Corey Walker, claims he voiced opposition to any violence towards the artist before he was fatally shot.

In Los Angeles on Friday (October 15), Walker’s defense lawyer, Christopher Darden, claimed his client “specifically voiced his opposition to any violence” before Pop Smoke was killed in his rented Hollywood Hills during a home-invasion robbery in February 2020. He was 20 years old.

In the filing – as per court documents obtained by Rolling Stone – Darden wrote: “It is clear from the evidence that [Walker] did not enter the house, was not armed, and did not personally kill the victim.

Darden referred to Walker’s alleged insistence that, should it become necessary for the suspects to defend themselves, “they should use a flower vase rather than shoot someone”. “The evidence is clear that the defendant did not share the actual killer’s intent … Read more

SVDDEN DEATH has an immaculate banger on his hands as his first release in a year and a half arrives in full force!

“Transmutation Sequence” marks the first single off SVDDEN DEATH’s highly anticipated VOYD Vol. 2 collection. Melding captivating melodies with overtly aggressive basslines, the producer sets a fierce tone for what can be expected from his impending body of work.

Plagued by a deadly, distorted sequence of sounds, the production thrives off the tension it builds within the confines of a haunted atmosphere. With little warning, the track quickly builds and drops into a massive dubstep stomper with bright, metallic synths that cut through like knives.

SVDDEN DEATH brings it back and doubles down on theatrics for a masterful second drop. And with that — to simply say “Transmutation Sequence” was well worth the wait would be an understatement.

Listen here!

SVDDEN DEATH – Transmutation Sequence

Stream/download: create.ffm.to/transmutationsequenceRead more

Eric Nam has made his long-awaited return with a music video for his new single ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’.

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On October 15, the Korean-American singer unveiled the visual for ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’ in anticipation of his upcoming album and tour. In the video, Nam appears alone in a moving train, diner and fountain as he mourns the loss of a lover. As the chorus rolls along, he takes the stage in an empty restaurant, passionately performing the new track.

I can’t tell you where we went wrong / Maybe it’s not anyone’s fault / All I know is I don’t know you anymore / Nothing even left to take back / Can’t lose something you never had,” he sings on the chorus.

‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’ … Read more