It’s been five years since the last Star Trek movie hit theaters. However, it appears that the wait could be almost over. Paramount did some release date shuffling earlier this week, which includes an untitled Star Trek movie for 2023. There has been a ton of talk about what the next big screen adventure could be for the franchise, including a movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine, along with a Quentin Tarantino project, which seems to have evaporated, even though it ignited a massive amount of hype. Was Tarantino really ever going to make a Star Trek movie?

Paramount has claimed June 9th, 2023 as the release date for the upcoming Star Trek movie. This, unfortunately, is where the new information stops. According to i09, this project is not the one that Kalinda Vazquez, a producer and writer on Star Trek: Discovery, is currently developing with J.J. Abrams. … Read more

The British pop singer launched a meme frenzy with her cheeky “Unwritten” TikTok dance.

Natasha Bedingfield had social media in a frenzy after she posted a video of herself attempting a viral TikTok dance to her own hit “Unwritten.”

The 2004 pop song has had a resurgence on the social media platform lately after a remix inspired two separate dance routines, one choreographed by @rony_boyy and the other by @gleefuljhits.

On Friday, the British songwriter decided to get in on the latest craze by sharing a side-by-side recreation of the latter groove.

“The essence of Unwritten is about how wonderful, unexpected things can happen at any moment, and these tik tok dances I keep seeing recently couldn’t be more wonderful and unexpected!” she captioned the incredible clip. “It’s a real joy to attempt to keep up (even if I make a fool of myself!). I’m working my way up to … Read more

Kara Keough Bosworth and her husband Kyle Bosworth have welcomed another child.

The daughter of Jeana Keough from Real Housewives of Orange County announced the birth of her son, Vaughn Mack Bosworth, on Saturday. It comes a few days after the pair announced they were expecting.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Keough Bosworth reflected on her pregnancy journey and honoured her late son McCoy Casey, who died shortly after being born last year.

“The day McCoy was born, I started writing a story. Our story,” she captioned her post. “I don’t typically like to spoil the ending, but in this case the ending is a new beginning.

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“Introducing Decker and McCoy’s baby brother: Vaughn Mack Bosworth.”

“Measuring at 20.5 inches and weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces of heaven-sent sweetness,” she … Read more

Actor Henry Golding has revealed the first toys from the upcoming Snake Eyes movie. The G.I. Joe spin-off is set to hit theaters this summer, as Paramount recently moved up the release date. To celebrate, Golding unboxed the action figure depicting his character as part of Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest.

The Hasbro G.I. Joe team revealed several products inspired by the upcoming movie during the event. During a panel, a series of new Snake Eyes action figures, as well as the Snake Eyes Special Missions Mask and Ninja Strike Morning Light electronic sword, were unveiled. Additionally, fans got a first look at new G.I. Joe Classified Series action figures inspired by the movie. Henry Golding, in the unboxing video, is delighted by the sight of his figure. “Holy moly! That’s my face! It’s even got the beard there, too,” Golding says excitedly.

While Paramount has yet to reveal any photos … Read more

Here’s everything that went down when Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin finally told June how her drug use affected them.

After a year of being estranged from her children, Mama June Shannon finally came face to face with Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon on Friday’s “Mama June: Road to Redemption.”

June first sat with Dr. Ish Major, who warned her she could easily relapse if she didn’t “deal with your own s—,” including working on her relationship with her kids. He told her to be real with them, listen and stop trying “to make it sound pretty” — saying the girls would want her to take accountability for how her drug use affected them.

When Alana and Lauryn walked in, June immediately started to cry as she hugged them both. The waterworks wouldn’t stop as their sit-down continued throughout the rest of the hour, with all … Read more