Erika Jayne Grilled on Stealing from Victims, Tom’s Money Issues, Sutton Threat and More

The RHOBH reunion concludes with Erika calling Sutton the c-word, addressing that missing $20 million, reacting to viewer conspiracy theories and detailing her recent conversations with Tom, who is currently in an assisted living facility. Andy Cohen promised the fourth and final episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” […]

The RHOBH reunion concludes with Erika calling Sutton the c-word, addressing that missing $20 million, reacting to viewer conspiracy theories and detailing her recent conversations with Tom, who is currently in an assisted living facility.

Andy Cohen promised the fourth and final episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion would be “the big one” — and he was right.

Nearly the full hour was devoted to grilling Erika Janye on all things Tom Girardi and — while she got snappy at her costars at times — Erika came through with answers about pretty much everything.

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The episode began with Erika snapping at Crystal Kung Minkoff, who wondered where Jayne’s anger was toward her estranged husband amid allegations he stole from cancer patients, a burn victim and the families of plane crash victims. Cohen noted that she seemed to “lash out” a lot during the season, despite being asked what he felt were “fairly reasonable” questions by his costars.

“I’m lashing out at everyone, Andy. Why wouldn’t I? I tell you the truth,” she said, before he once again accused her of “biting people’s heads off” at every turn. She added that she believes some of the women were only asking questions because they’re “against” her, before telling them all that if they had questions about her situation, they should have just asked her about it instead of talking about her behind her back. The other women responded by saying her reactions to their questions made it so they were uncomfortable doing it again.

As the group kept talking, Erika’s costars said they never believed rumors that her divorce was a “sham” to hide assets and said they didn’t think she knew anything about Tom’s alleged misdeeds. Kyle Richards admitted she had heard Tom had money issues years ago, with Andy noting he had heard that too — as a headline about Bethenny Frankel reportedly telling them both about his finances was shown. The two, however, said they just thought it was gossip and didn’t pay it too much attention.

Cohen then brought up one of the biggest viewer conspiracy theories of the season: that Erika deliberately chose not to wear waterproof mascara during an emotional scene with Kyle, in an attempt to prove how heartbroken she was. It’s a theory Camille Grammer cosigned on Twitter.

“No, absolutely not and that’s not true at all,” she said when asked about the claim. “I always do [wear waterproof mascara] because I have allergies with my eyes and that day I did not. That is not true and I don’t need anyone’s sympathy. I don’t need anyone’s pity. And I certainly don’t need someone on the side who’s no longer on this show to put in their two cents, okay?”

She went on to call it a “fluke” incident and reiterated she wasn’t “looking for the sympathy vote” with her tear-stained face.

As the hour continued, Cohen asked about Tom’s current situation, after being disbarred and placed in an assisted living facility following dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnoses earlier this year. Erika said the two had spoken since he was placed in the facility, calling it “very sad.”

With her voice cracking, she said she “just wanted to make sure he was safe” after seeing photos of him where he “looked so bad” in the press. “I just wanted to make sure he was in the right place,” she added, tears in her eyes.

Erika then addressed her fight with Garcelle Beauvais earlier in the season, where Jayne blew up at her for repeating on camera that Tom had been calling her. She said she had initially told Garcelle that off camera and didn’t want it repeated because she felt it reinforced the narrative that the divorce was a sham. “I had not spoken to him until he went into the care facility,” she clarified. “He calls every day. He’s called five times today, sitting right here.”

She said that, during their conversations, she’s asked “how he could put [her] in this position.” She said she also asked him why he would “leave me with millions of dollars in lawsuits pointed” in her direction. When Cohen wondered whether she asked if he actually stole the money, she said Tom “doesn’t even acknowledge anything, none of it.” She explained, “It doesn’t even matter what he says because he’s incompetent. So I’m left holding the f—ing bag” — before adding that he didn’t seem capable of understanding the situation.

“And I probably shouldn’t even be telling you that,” she continued.

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“It was not,” said Erika, defiantly. “There was no $20 million, no. My lawyer wrote to Page Six, to E!, but somehow or another, that doesn’t seem to be told.”

As for allegations that she charged $14 million to her American Express card between 2008 – 2020, she pointed out that that would have been over 12 years. “So if you knock that down to $2 million per year, that’s pretty much what we’re all doing in this lifestyle,” she added, pointing to her costars.

Cohen then brought up allegations that Erika was trying to manipulate the narrative around Tom by seeming to connect his recent cognitive decline with the legal allegations around him. Andy pointed out that his allegedly erratic behavior started only three years ago, while the Times article included allegations from a decade ago.

“No, what I’m saying is, I’m telling you what I experienced,” she said, denying the insinuation. Erika added that, by all accounts, Tom had always been an “upstanding” member of the community and she was none the wiser to any illegal actions. She also said that, had she known about anything illegal activity, she wouldn’t have agreed to being on a reality TV show in the first place. “You can’t hide s— like this, that’s what I’m saying,” she explained. “This is not some master plan. This is not Erika being some financial f—ing mastermind. This is a tragic sequence of events that are completely terrible.”

The group then got into the Sutton Stracke of it all, starting with the meeting she called behind Erika’s back for all the women to air their concerns about the situation. Andy noted that her angry reactions to questions were probably why she wasn’t invited.   Erika’s threat to Sutton — “You ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you” — was then addressed, with Jayne explaining what she really meant with that comment.

“Everyone on this show knows that the longer you stay on, everyone goes through their own personal stuff. When it’s your turn, I will not give you the grace that I asked for. That’s what that means,” she said. “I happen to be the one getting it this year, but you could be the one getting it next year.”

Neither Andy or the other women were really buying her explanation, with Cohen rolling his eyes and Garcelle calling the moment “scary.” Erika, however, said that had someone said it on RHOP, RHONY or RHOA, it wouldn’t have been a big deal — adding, “it’s only in Beverly Hills that everybody is so precious. F—.”

Sutton said that, after the comment, she hired security for a week — getting a laugh out of Erika. “You said you were going to come after me and my family,” Stracke then claimed, something that wasn’t shown on the series. When Sutton said that was no way for Erika to speak to anyone, Jayne shot back, “It felt like you were being a bitchy f—ing c—. That’s what it felt like.”

The two continued to go back and forth with jabs, with each of them saying the other simply “pretended” to be friends when they appeared to patch things up during a group trip to Del Mar. Erika admitted she was just “playing [Sutton’s] ass” with her friendly behavior.

As for claims she was a liar because she withheld information about Tom’s accident, she said she left out certain details at first for his sake. “Once Tom’s counsel had said he’s incompetent, I came with the whole story,” she said, acknowledging that the “story I’m telling is f—ing wild.”

She then laid out the car accident tale in full detail, saying that Tom went to an event one night and then went off the radar for nine hours. “I kept calling and calling, no answer,” she explained, “At 6AM, the phone rings and it’s Tom. He goes, ‘Hi, I don’t know where I am, I think I’m on the West Side.'”

Erika said she couldn’t track him with Find My Phone because he had an ancient flip phone, but eventually he called back. “He goes, ‘I think I’m close or in the backyard. I see the bridge.’ That tells me he’s below our house,” she continued. “I’m telling you the truth. I go down and I see the car, tilted, no Tom. Tom is at the bottom of the ravine. 9-1-1, go to the hospital.”

As for why she started to say “allegedly” when she retold the story later in the season, Erika said she “got in trouble” with her lawyers for “talking too much.”

The one thing she wouldn’t go into detail on: why her son was driving in snow in Los Angeles, leading to his own accident after checking on Tom following the robbery. “Let’s get into the fact my child, not his children, checked on him,” Erika simply said, before revealing she and Tom’s kids “do not speak.” She added, “Clearly, this is a massive wedge.”

As the reunion started to come to a close, Andy once again asked about criticism that she wasn’t doing enough to talk about the alleged victims.

“You know how I can serve the victims the best? By cooperating in court, rolling up my sleeves and getting to the bottom of it and that is what I’ve done,” said Erika, as her costars said they would have loved to hear more comments like that during filming.

Overall, Kyle believed Erika cleared up the accident confusion well, Garcelle seemed satisfied and Sutton thanked Erika for answering all their questions. Erika then apologized for coming in hot at Crystal, while Andy said the “most important thing” he heard from her was her expression of sympathy for the victims.

“The legitimate claims need to be taken care of,” she reiterated, before addressing all of her costars. “Thank you for hearing me out today. It is not pretty, it is ugly. Stories have run wild and people have filled in the blanks. I hope that today you all leave knowing a little bit more of my side and understand this will not be wrapped up easily.”

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