DestinyBlue is among the most recognised and beloved artists on-line; her work being not solely aesthetically lovely, but in addition deeply meaningful. American painter Jackson Pollock is greatest known for his revolutionary portray technique. By dripping paint on the canvas, the Abstract Expressionist created dynamic, summary art work that revolutionized the art scene. Pollock used the force of his whole body to splash and pour paint on his canvases, upending conventional notions of how painters were meant to operate. Mughal art was a serious influence on the Rajputs, who made some amazing equestrian work of their very own. Within the Rajput states – or what’s now known as Rajasthan – horse artwork turned hugely popular. Paintings depicted the famed Marwari horses (with their false elephant trunks, which decived the elephants into considering they have been child elephants!) going into battle in opposition to elephants, and Rajput royalty, who usually dwarfed … Read more