The most popular movie star gossip and news from The Hollywood Gossip. Some familiar pieces here, like Van Gogh’s sunflowers and “The Kiss,” but I’ve seen some which can be new to me that I actually like, like the Georgia ‘Keefe piece. I’ve just a few paintings around the home, myself, that function yellow. It’s a vivid, lively accent coloration I like to work in, and art is a good way to do this. A key determine was “Franco” (Francois Luambo Makiadi), the guitarist who in 1958 advanced the into the 20-member (including saxohpnist ‘Verkys’ Kiamanguana Mateta) and was largely chargeable for the relaxed, sensual, languid model of soukous that turned predominant, before the 1967 arrival of guitarist Mose Fan Fan led to a more lively sound. His collaboration with Tabu Ley, Omana Wapi (1976), contained only 4 lengthy dances. The opposite star of the TP OK Jazz band, hired … Read more