Folks of all ages enjoy movie star antics and conduct. Famous American painters are for example Willem de Kooning, Georga Keeffe and Jackson Pollock. The later identical to Van Gogh never obtained wealthy by selling his work. Today although the “drip paintings” made by Jackson Pollock are price hundreds of thousands. In 1930 Hofmann moved to the United States to teach at Berkeley’s University of California. He had his first exhibition of drawings in 1931 in San Francisco. In 1933 the Hans Hofmann Faculty of Wonderful Arts opened in New York and he began to color again after a interval of drawing. In The following year he opened a summer time college in Provincetown, Massachusetts the place Lee Krasner studied with Hofmann. Over the next ten years he discovered himself living in New York and Provincetown and he grew to become an American citizen in 1941. In keeping with the … Read more