The favored folkloric music in Panama is called típico, also known as “pindín”. I am happy you preferred it. She was definitely outstanding. I can not help however admire ladies artists. It appears we have extra to overcome than males. Just my opinion. Thanks for commenting. Simone Martini (1284 – 1344) like Duccio, painted in a mode similar to that of the Byzantine mosaic works and Gothic illuminated manuscripts. It is suspected (however not proven) that Simone Martini and Duccio di Buoninsegna have been both tutored by Byzantine artists who visited Florence across the yr 1260. Self portrait will be creative. You’ll sometimes surprise on the results. Most of my pictures are self portraits, as I do not have people around or close to me who can photograph myself. You should utilize a self timer on your camera, use a top quality webcam. Anything to get that perfect shot. Social … Read more