Well-known artists throughout history have contributed to the social and political panorama of different societies around the world. In 1992 he gained an OKTV award for one of the best African Fusion Album for his solo album Thanks for Listening. In 1995 he also received an achievement award from Johnny Walker Black Label for his ‘outstanding contribution to the South African Music Business’. In 1996 he release a retrospective album, 20 Years of My Life. Different albums since 1990 include Ubuntu (Humanity) and Blues for my Mother, on which he collaborated with artists like Paul Hanmer, Mandla Masuku and Xoli Nkosi. The album acquired gold standing, the primary time he achieved this on his new label, Sheer Sound. Right now we’re actually enjoying a good run in digital. Persons are spending more time on our websites. We’re really on the forefront of offering quite a few ways for shoppers to … Read more