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While you would think events going on in Loki would be enough to take Marvel fans’ minds off the evergreen question of whether we will be getting a second season of WandaVision, as Kevin Feige discovered today while doing a Q&A session at Paleyfest’s virtual panel, it seems that until someone gives them a definitive answer, there’s no of getting away from it. Asked by a fan if the WandaVision story would be continuing in some capacity, which we all know means “Is there going to be a second season?”, Feige was happy to be completely vague, but at least gave a little something to mull over as well.

While he was not about to lay open the plans of the MCU’s future surprises, he said, “Yes to an evolution of storyline; probably and inevitably in many different capacities.” The Marvel Studios chief then followed this by confirming that … Read more

Conan O’Brien will be ending his TBS talk show “Conan” next week, but before he signs off he shared a vintage clip from a 1994 edition of his earlier show, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, that featured a very special guest: Scarlett Johansson.

As viewers will notice, Johansson — just 9 at the time — isn’t introduced by her name, but as spelling bee champion Sarah Hughes.

In the scripted bit, O’Brien challenges the youngster to spell the word “sesquicentennial,” which she does nearly perfectly; unfortunately, as sidekick Andy Richter points out, she missed an N when spelling the word.

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As the bit progresses, it becomes clear that Sarah continually makes spelling errors — and nobody but Andy notices because she’s so darned cute.

Nearly a decade later, Johansson returned to “Late Night” to promote her … Read more

“Hey, we’re best friends. I also kinda want to make out with you.”

“The Hills: New Beginning” costars Kaitlynn Carter and Caroline D’Amore became fast friends between seasons — and got so close, it had Caroline wondering if there was more to their friendship.

D’Amore joined the show for its second season, coming into the series fresh off of a divorce that left her with “nothing.” With Carter also coming off of a high-profile split herself from Brody Jenner, the two formed an easy bond.

“Caroline’s an amazing woman, she’s very grounded, she’s really fun. She is this Italian woman who’s definitely always going to speak her mind,” said Carter in a confessional on Wednesday. “I really do value her and our relationship, she’s obviously a very special person.”

But could they be more than friends? That’s what Caroline was wondering as she talked about their “flirty” relationship.

“I feel … Read more

Pretence explores his softer, melodic side with “Emotions,” out now.

We’ve heard a range of productions with brooding intensity from Pretence in the past, but nothing quite like this. “Emotions” puts forth a feelsy, atmospheric soundscape that quickly switches into a killer drop, complete with a groove-ridden, wubby bassline.

Pretence shares of the release:

This tune is quite special to me. I wanted to make something that’s different to my heavy stuff but still underlies my pretence sound. I wrote this inspired by tchami and zhu, as they both bring such energy and emotion into their productions.

“Emotions” follows up a steady stream of Pretence originals including “The Acid,” “Bloodbath,” and “Deadweight” with CABLE, delivering an unexpected change of pace. The track contains both delicate and gritty moments, maintaining the project’s dark signature.

Listen here via Uprise Music and link up with this rising talent below.

Pretence – Emotions

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A hot take? Garcelle Beauvais surprised her costars on the Wednesday, June 16, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after she suggested that Erika Jayne didn’t need to file for divorce from her older husband, Tom Girardi.

Erika Jayne Subpoenaed in Tom Girardi Case Months Before Divorce: Timeline

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During Wednesday’s episode, the whole group got together at Sutton Stracke’s house for the first time since Erika, 49, filed for divorce. (In real time, the singer split from Tom, 82, in November 2020.) While waiting for the Pretty Mess author to arrive, Garcelle, 54, noted how “shocked” she was to hear about Erika and Tom’s split.

Garcelle Beauvais, Tom Girardi, and Erika Jayne. Shutterstock(3)

“I didn’t see it coming. I remember when I met her last year, we had this amazing lunch and the moment she mentioned him, she welled up,” the actress, 54, said.… Read more