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There are a number of reasons that Bitcoin is all the rage. Five of the top reasons are discussed herein, showing and explaining why Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies of our time.

Anonymous and pseudonymous

The Bitcoin transactions that you make are anonymous or pseudonymous when in your Bitcoin wallet. Therefore, it must follow that as long as you keep your pseudonym well protected, your Bitcoin is also safe and secure. This level of anonymity is a reason why a large number of Bitcoin users claim the Bitcoin has become so popular so quickly.


The safety when using Bitcoin has simply been on the increase and as the global online hacking and data breaches increases, Bitcoin is seen as a means to avoid all such losses of personal information as well as the fraudulent loss of money in online transactions. It is the blockchain linked to … Read more

One of the most influential and important people in your life is your mother, and if you are lucky enough to still have her alive and well, then you should be thankful.

If your mom’s birthday is coming up in the next few months, or else you are simply one of those people who like to plan ahead, then you have come to the right place. Here, for your information and, of course, reading pleasure, are four fabulous ways to treat your mom for her birthday.


  1. Employ the Services of a Landscape Gardener

A fabulously different and practical gift for your mother for her upcoming birthday is to surprise her with a professional landscape gardener to revitalize and organize her garden and backyard space.

If your mom either lives alone, or simply doesn’t have time in her busy and hectic schedule, then hiring a gardener will not only remove … Read more

What if I told you that many of the so-called natural skincare products on the market today are anything but? Would you be surprised?

Similar to the organic health food industry, natural skincare is an emerging market that has not gone unnoticed by the large cosmetic companies. This should be a good thing as this should bring better, safer products to the market.

But as you may have already noticed with foods, “organic” and “natural” are sometimes anything but. For example, seafood can be labeled “Organic” even though it contains mercury and other dangerous chemicals. As another example, meat can be labeled “Natural” regardless of what the animal is fed or how they are raised, effectively making the term meaningless.

I could go on about the natural food industry, but let’s focus on similar deceptions used in the natural skincare industry.

Several large international corporations are now carrying lines of

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"My brother would never do something like that, but I'm still guilty by association," she said in her new doc.

Janet Jackson is detailing how her brother Michael’s child abuse scandal impacted her career.

The 55-year-old pop star is giving in-depth look at her life this week in a four-part, two-night docuseries on A&E and Lifetime — one that shines a light on her relationship with her famous family unlike ever before.

During Episode 3 of “Janet Jackson,” Janet opened up how about her life and career were affected after Michael was first accused of child sexual abuse.

Around the time of her “Janet” tour, in 1993, the “Control” singer was about to close a “megamillion dollar contract” with Coca-Cola when the first child molestations allegations against Michael were reported — and she immediately experienced the fallout — personally.

“When that came out, Coca-Cola said, ‘No, thank you,'” Janet told … Read more

WHIPPED CREAM has arrived on the scene in 2022 with her first original of the year — and she invited some rather iconic friends to the party — Big Freedia, Moore Kismet and UNIIQU3.

The collaborative single “HOLD UP” doubles as a club banger and empowering anthem, celebrating black sheep everywhere with fierce energy and bounce. The team up of these bold artists and personalities is beautifully executed, with intent to encourage anyone who may hear the collab to be themselves unapologetically.

WHIPPED CREAM shares, “‘HOLD UP’ is a song created for the people who have never seemingly fit in. For those who have had to fight like hell to simply BE WHO THEY ARE.”

“Once I was done with the beat, I wanted to bring on a variety of artists that have really inspired me to keep going as my true self and have them lay their … Read more